Inspiring women series : Siobhan Kangataran

This inspiring story is so sweet.  Read by Siobhán Kangataran, Founder of ToGetHer Further – as the name suggests she is all about helping women to progress – in your career, at home, or starting a new venture – whatever the need, she supports.  I’m part of the community and can honestly say it has such a nurturing and supportive vibe.  Which says alot about Siobhan and her nature.

Siobhan talks about how she had a massive girl crush on Helena Murphy, Founder of The Guide to Growth  I love the way when she talks about their first meeting…it reminds me a little of a first date.  She hoped that at the very least they would have a chance to work together.  But they become more than work buddies and are now great friends.  Lush.


Go for it ...


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