Inspiring Women Series : Rebecca Schiller

Rebecca Schiller dedicates her story to her Nanny.

Rebecca talks about how her Nanny was always super busy – something she has taken on herself and is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. Busy putting alot of energy into helping others and always helping those that needed help the most.  From an outsiders perspective I can see alot of similarities between Rebecca and her Nanny – you only have to read about the work that Rebecca does to see that they are like two peas in a pod.

If you’re not familiar with Rebecca’s work here is her bio:

Rebecca Schiller is the CEO of Birthrights, the human rights in childbirth charity, and a doula, who is known by her Twitter handle The Hackney Doula. She is the author of Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan: a revolutionary guide to pregnancy, birth and the weeks that follow and Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter. She’s a parenting journalist and is a regular contributor to numerous publications including the Guardian and The Pool. Rebecca lives on a ramshackle smallholding with her husband, her two children and a motley crew of chickens and ducks.
Twitter – @hackneydoula
Instagram – @rebecca.schiller

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