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We like to make life easy for you – so plug in your headphones, sit back and have a listen to the PAUSE. REFLECT. GO podcast hosted by me, Kim Palmer. Each episode will feature a successful woman – that could be a leading expert, a CEO, a mother, an entrepreneur or a creative – sharing her struggles, achievements and dreams. It’s a chance for you to pick up tips, advice and coping mechanisms.

Next up, we recently launched an exciting INSPIRING WOMEN series. Each week, a woman will share her story of a woman who has been influential in her life. Someone who believed in her, gave her confidence and made her realise her potential. This series is all about giving a nod to the women in our lives who give us wings and help us to fly. Let us know what you think, and feel free to share your favourites on social media.

  1. Inspiring Women Series : Lou Kirby

    Lou Kirby shares how despite having “an up and down relationship” with her Mum – she has learnt so much from her Mums life and struggles.   She’s now using this to push forward her own career/life and her daughters too. 

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  2. Inspiring women series : Kim Palmer

    The first episode of ‘inspiring women’ is read by Kim Palmer, founder of Clementine.  Kim shares why she was so inspired by her previous boss – Catherine McGrath.  

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  3. Episode 10 : Adopting a ‘why not’ mindset

    In this episode I chat with Kyla Neill about how to reignite your passion for your career.

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  4. Episode 9 : Dreaming to doing

    This episode is for those feeling frustrated with work, life and dream of doing something else. But haven’t quite worked out what that ‘something else’ could be. Salma Shah – coach and branding expert shares how to get started.

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  5. Episode 8 : Embracing public speaking

    In this episode I chat with Annie Ridout – editor of the Early Hour – about how she overcame her fear of public speaking. We discuss how she changed her mindset to believe she could be confident – and she shares her top tips for becoming a more confident speaker.

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  6. Episode 7: Living life your way.

    In this episode I chat to Jessica Fearnley who is on the top of her game as a business coach focussing on women to help grow their businesses.  But life hasn’t always been so rosy for Jess. This is a story of resilience at its best.

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