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We like to make life easy for you – so plug in your headphones, sit back and have a listen to the PAUSE. REFLECT. GO podcast hosted by me, Kim Palmer. Each episode will feature a successful woman – that could be a leading expert, a CEO, a mother, an entrepreneur or a creative – sharing her struggles, achievements and dreams. It’s a chance for you to pick up tips, advice and coping mechanisms.

Next up, we recently launched an exciting INSPIRING WOMEN series. Each week, a woman will share her story of a woman who has been influential in her life. Someone who believed in her, gave her confidence and made her realise her potential. This series is all about giving a nod to the women in our lives who give us wings and help us to fly. Let us know what you think, and feel free to share your favourites on social media.

  1. A book that changed my life: The Desire Map

    Nancy Florence shares how ‘The Desire Map’ changed her whole life including a split from her husband and transforming her businesses.

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  2. A book that changed my life: Option B

    Penny Wincer discusses Sheryl Sandberg’s Option B: facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy.

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  3. Inspiring women series : Siobhan Kangataran

    This inspiring story is so sweet.  Read by Siobhán Kangataran, Founder of ToGetHer Further. Siobhan talks about how she had a massive girl crush on Helena Murphy, Founder of The Guide to Growth. I love the way when she talks about their first meeting…it reminds me a little of a first date. They’ve gone from work buddies to great friends. Lush.

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  4. Inspiring women series : Annie Ridout

    Annie Ridout from The Early Hour shares her story of a chance meeting with a woman who has had a profound impact on her life. A woman who is helping her to turn her dream of becoming an author into a reality.

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  5. Inspiring Women Series : Clio Wood

    Clio Wood dedicates her story to her colleague & friend Caroline Bragg. Caroline has the natural ability to make you light up when you are with her – even at 6.30am! Who doesn’t want to be friends with someone like that?

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  6. Inspiring Women Series : Rebecca Schiller

    Rebecca Schiller dedicates her story to her Nanny. Rebecca talks about how her Nanny was always super busy – something she has taken on herself and is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. 

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