How it Works

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    We’ve created a series of helpful hypnotherapy sessions. Just for you. When you need help the most.

    For example…

    ‘Confidence Boost’ – when self doubt slips into your thoughts and makes you question everything you’re doing (am I good enough? Can I do it?) this recording will get you back on track and believing you are good enough, you CAN do it.

    ‘Returning to sleep’ (16 minutes) – you fall asleep, no problem, but then a little while later: BANG – you’re suddenly awake. Don’t worry, this will lull you back into a calm, quiet place… you’ll be asleep again before you know it.


    Hypnosis guides you to a wonderful, meditative place. It’s a bit like when you’re daydreaming and the world falls away – you’re neither fully present nor fast asleep. In this state, your brain is really receptive to new ideas.

  • How it works

    Once we’ve helped you to relax, our recordings will tap into your subconscious thoughts – suggesting new ways to deal with ever day niggles as well as bigger, more difficult situations. You just kick back – or carry on with your shopping/commuting/cooking and let us work the magic.

  • Why it’s so

    Neuroscientists believe that hypnosis is the quickest and easiest way to make changes to your thought processes, as it’s when the mind is most durable and adaptable to change. That’s why you will “wake up” feeling positive, calm and better able to cope.

Go for it ...