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To help support our Clementine community and anyone else who wants to join us, we have started running regular sessions on Instagram Live. Kim will share some really practical tips to help us all manage life and everything it throws at us right now. Little things that can just help take the edge off and take away a bit of the pressure we’re feeling at the moment. Along with this the brilliant Hazel Gale will take us through a guided hypnotherapy session and give us all a bit of time to disconnect from the world, centre ourselves and relieve some of the stress and worry. She’ll focus on a different subject each time, all should help you take a little time out and give you other useful tips to help to feel calmer.


When will they be?

We will be doing our live sessions every Monday and Friday at 8.30am UK time. We won’t take up too much of your time they’ll be 15 mins max. to help you start the day right.


Will I be able to listen again?

If you miss the live sessions or want to use them again, we’ll be making the hypnotherapy sections available on social media (Instagram & YouTube) and in the de-stress section of the app.


Should I sit or lie down?

Do whatever works for you, the main thing is that you are comfortable and in a space where you can have a bit of quiet time. (If that’s possible)


Can my kids join me?

The sessions aren’t designed for children but they can absolutely join. We’ll try to avoid swearing as much as possible but occasionally we might forget but we’ll do our best.


Should I repeat the sessions?

It’s up to you. Repetition really helps to imbed the messages of hypnotherapy so they can go deeper and be more effective. But each session will be really relaxing and supportive so just listening once is also really beneficial to your day.


Hope you can join us.


Kim & the team x

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