2019: The Year of Micro Resolutions

Less than 10% of resolutions will be kept by the year’s end and 25% will fail before 15 January. That’s why we recommend setting smaller, more manageable aims, or ‘micro resolutions’…

Often the hardest changes to make are the ones that have become a part of our identity. And yet swapping old habits for new ones can be hard; especially after experiencing the highs of Christmas, sharply followed by the lows hitting our thermostat. I mean, who decided January was a good time to go cold turkey?

I’m a firm believer that life is all about balance, that micro changes to your day have a longer lasting impact on your wellbeing.

In fact, incorporating or recognising daily gems in your life is a proven approach. Like gratitude journaling, where you reflect on and record a small positive that’s happened every day. The result being a record of all the great stuff we sometimes forget or overlook, leaving us with many small yet brilliant things to feel good about.

I think this is the best way to approach resolutions too, and a more realistic way to tackle ‘fresh starts’.

What is a Micro Resolution?

A micro resolution can be anything that will have a positive impact on you or those around you. Things that will make you feel a little better each day. Finding the small, every day joys in life. Whether that’s a hot bubble bath, reconnecting with a friend, giving a loved one extra cuddles, doing yoga for five minutes, watching a good documentary or trying something new that will boost your wellbeing.

Small daily changes can go a long way. Here are just a few easy tweaks to your day that could make a big difference:

  • Write 50 words a day of that novel 
  • Give a loved one an extra cuddle
  • Meditate for six minutes 
  • Have a candlelit bubble bath 
  • Complement one person
  • Pull up one weed 
  • Plant one seed
  • Learn to say no 
  • Learn to say yes
  • Eat one extra portion of green vegetables
  • Drink one extra glass of water
  • Do one push up a day
  • Try a new healthy recipe
  • Make a cake
  • Write down your dreams
  • Have a lie-in

Write up as many micro resolutions as you can – changes, goals, positive treats or mini improvements as you can muster. The more choice in your armoury, the better. You can add new ones, or repeat old ones, and some days have multiple ones, if that feels right.

And don’t worry if you forget one, you might find that you did one
without realising! Remember there are no rules, feel free to select your daily resolution depending on what you fancy on the day itself.

When you have the big successes, you’ll feel excited, though don’t worry if
sometimes they are also brief and fleeting. It’s all about finding realistic ways to make every day just a little bit more joyful.

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