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The old adage about getting out on the wrong side of bed isn’t so far from the truth. How you start and end your day makes a big difference to the middle bit. So here, we look at how to get out on the right side of the bed…

When I was younger, I’d role out of bed in the morning, have a quick shower and dash out the door – to school, uni, work. I’d end the day in a similarly rushed manner: quick face-wash then collapse in bed (often drunk). But since having children, I’ve realised the importance of starting and ending my day in a more conscious way.

So every morning, I drink two coffees (it may not sound healthy, but it makes me feel good and zingy and high and full of ideas) then go for a quick run. I get home and showered before my husband leaves at 8am. And at night, I have an early bath with the kids (but get in first, for five minutes, and soak in really hot bubbly water before cooling it down and lifting them in).

I’ll then spend what remains of the evening working or watch telly until 9ish before heading up to my bedroom, screen-free, to read a novel in bed until I fall asleep – usually around 10pm. I find that book-ending my day like this: a high-octane beginning – and a slow and calm end, improves my general mood and wellbeing.

I asked The Early Hour community on Instagram (many of whom are big fans of Clementine, too) if/how they bookend their days and here are their very inspiring tips and ideas…

@papergraceuk: I get up before everyone else and start the morning with a glass of coriander water (seeds soaked overnight), I’ve recently started following an ayurveda diet and this is cooling for my dosha type. I then do 15 mins of yoga before the kids get up. For me, it’s the key for helping my anxiety and if I don’t do it one day because of a late night etc I feel really off balance. I ‘try’ to be in bed for 10.30pm but this is sometimes hard to achieve when I’m in busy wedding season and the kids are off school.

_toutsimple_: Yes! I also have two coffees every morning (it’s just the size of my cafetière!) I make my son breakfast, put his brother next to him in his bouncer with a toy and drink my coffee while reading something uplifting. My evenings vary and I’m trying to get a good rhythm together for myself…

wendy_woowoo: Lola-mae and I have bottle and cuddles for half an hour before we ‘have to’ get up at 7.30am, so even if Lola is whingey the rest of the day we have made a good start to it..!

buntinginabox: I’d love to go for a run in the morning, but my husband leaves the house by 7am, so no time. I make sure I go for a run/to the gym on weekend mornings though. Much prefer getting exercise done in the morning, it sets me up for the day. Last year, my new year’s resolution was to read more, and to help that, I stopped taking my phone upstairs with me at night so I didn’t fall down a scroll-hole on my phone. I read instead. I’ve continued this year and I love it.

twinkle_toes_jo: Love this, I need to try no screen time at night! I have terrible trouble getting to sleep, maybe a good book is the answer.

livethreesixty: Journaling before bed to empty my head. Gratitude list and set an intention in the morning to start the day – instead of busyness.

helenlouisepike: Morning – my son tends to (here we go, me jinxing it) wake up around 6:45-7 so I set my alarm for 6am, allowing me at least 45 mins to shower, eat, do my make-up and dress in peace. I know most would probably choose sleep but trying to get us both ready at once (with him stealing my food or sticking his fingers in my make-up!) would just leave me frazzled before the day has even begun. Evening – I used to order a takeaway before starting the bedtime routine so that it’d be here by the time he’s asleep but it became too expensive and unhealthy. I now cook at home – nothing complex but I see the preparation as part of my wind down. I’m also trying to watch less TV since realising I end up watching repeats a lot of the time. Current guilty pleasure is podcasts while having the fake fireplace on Netflix on.

codiefullgrabe: I too love the feel good zingy high of two coffees in the morning!

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