How can mantras help to enhance your day (or even year)?


Mantras – a positive word or phrase that you repeat to yourself for a little boost – can be used in so many different ways. As well as aiding meditation, they can help you to prepare for a big event or induce better sleep. Here, Annie Ridout shares her own experience of using mantras…

I’m doing a talk tonight. The audience will be fairly small – 30/40 people – but I feel nervous. Like most people, the idea of sitting up on a stage with all eyes on me makes me feel on edge. The thoughts going through my mind are:

What if people can sense my nerves?
What if my voice cracks because I’m shaking?
Will I forget what I want to say?
Am I going to just f-up the whole thing?

So, in preparation, I’ve spent the past week listening to the Clementine ‘confidence’ recording (the longer one) every morning, while I’m out on my run. But I’ve also set some mantras within the app – and it’s the first time I’ve used this feature to prepare for an event.

Throughout the day, the mantras I’ve typed into the app have been popping up on my phone. Things like:

– You are calm and confident
– Head up, shoulders down
– You are amazing at public speaking
– You LOVE being on stage
– The audience love hearing you speak
– You feel HIGH when doing public speaking

Yesterday, my husband saw something flash up on my phone and picked it up. It said: ‘You are a powerful public speaker.’ He asked what it was and I told him about the Clementine mantras, and how I was using them to help prepare for the talk. He said that when he’d read that message, he’d absorbed it himself and felt empowered.

Feeding your mind with positive, upbeat, encouraging words and phrases rather than negative, downbeat, discouraging ones is clearly going to boost you. But having them pop up on your phone, without having to do anything – or even think about it – is amazing. It all starts to seep into your subconscious mind.

After being told (by my phone) so many times that I’m great at public speaking – I’m actually starting to believe it. I still feel nervous, but more in an adrenaline-fuelled, giddy, excited way. Nerves can be good – they can give you the energy you need to get through the event.

But the mantras have definitely helped.

Here’s what Kim Palmer, Clementine founder, has to say about mantras:

I’m massive fan of using positive statements, words, quotes to set the mood for the year, the day and just generally make me feel good instantly. Call them what you want – I call them mantras.

How it works:

Firstly – set a mantra for the year. What is the big intention/feeling that you want to embrace for the year? This really helps you when you’re feeling foggy headed and don’t know what to focus on. Mine this year is “progress not perfection”.

Then each week I set a new mantra. You’ll have so much different stuff going on that you’ll need to flex your intention depending on events and how you are feeling. Last week I had A LOT going on so I set my mantra as “be kind to yourself”.

Use every day. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Start in the morning to set the mood for the day. First thing when you wake up. Give yourself 1 minute whilst you are in bed, on the train, on the loo – but it needs to be first thing. Repeat to yourself for one minute.

Finally. Remind yourself of your mantra throughout the day. Write it on a post it note and stick it on your computer. I use Clementine the app – I set these up as notifications to pop up on my phone four times a day … that way I get a gentle reminder of all these positive things.

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