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  • Career women & mother

    I used the confidence boost meditation before giving a presentation this week. I usually get horrible butterflies/anxiety and I felt so much more in control this time around – not as shaky or at least I didn’t feel as shaky, so amazing outcome!

    I also used the power nap session in an early morning taxi ride to the airport and again, really helpful. My daughter decided not to sleep for more than 45 mins the night before and I left for an important work trip (at 4am). I managed to survive the entire day of meetings because of the nap in the car on the way there.


  • New business owner, recently emigrated

    I recently started my own hair salon and like to use the confidence boost before I begin work every day at 9am. It has helped to build up my confidence, and remind me that I have the ability to run my own company.

    I also like to use it before some social events where I know that everyone speaks Dutch, as I’m not a native Dutch speaker. It gives me the boost to speak the language, even if it’s not perfect.


  • Founder and editor of The Early Hour, juggling a career and kids

    As a full-time mum of two young kids, also running a business and working (nap-times, evenings, weekends), I don’t have time to lie down and listen to sessions. I love listening to the ‘Build your confidence’ session while I’m pushing the baby off to sleep in the buggy and ‘Confidence boost’ just before an important meeting. Then when I’m switching from work-mode to mum-mode – ‘Reset’ is perfect.


  • Business owner and mother

    Clementine has been a go-to support function – whether it’s late at night or in the mornings – to try and save me from crumbling and giving up.

    At the end of my maternity leave, I needed to figure out how to earn an income with two babies. It wasn’t so easy now, I couldn’t just go and get a job. Just after moving house, my pre-schooler started a new nursery, baby started nursery and I started a business. So I joined the Clementine user testing and it’s been a massive support. I think other mums would really benefit from Clementine too.


  • Full-time working mum 

    After years of trying every myth, medication and ‘old wives tale’, I have finally had the best sleep ever with the ‘Deep sleep’ recording.  Within minutes, I’m asleep and even when my little boy wakes up I get back to sleep so easily.

    Even my husband has said that he’s shocked at how fast I’ve been falling asleep. Usually I say goodnight and toss and turn for ages and throughout the night. This has literally changed the way I sleep!

    What’s worth noting also is that it’s definitely not just a temporary thing. I sleep better overall since I started using the ‘Deep sleep’ recording. Even on nights I don’t listen, I can definitely feel how it’s reset my body’s approach to sleep.


  • I love the mantras!  Genius idea and nice to see something on your lock screen that doesn’t require action.  It’s a good reminder to take time for you.


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